The Seltzers

Our seltzer is crafted to the highest quality. It passes through a dual filter, sanitizing and providing an unforeseen clarity. The result we have is a pure, low calorie and refreshing beverage. All seltzers are flavored with 100% natural extracts and are gluten free. Try them as is or give one of our craft cocktails a shot!
Live Life Elevated

On an excursion through the Sahara Desert, our vehicle's transmission went out which left us no other choice but to walk. A day after our trek began, we spotted a canyon and took shelter. That was until the flash flood came. When we woke up, we were in a tomb. A tomb were every chalice was full of berries. These berries happened to be Blueberries and the very berries in our seltzer

Lemon/Lime Cucumber

While adventuring through the frozen tundra, the bright snow led to indulgent cravings for something crisp and refreshing. We then changed course to locate that exact thing. About 300 feet into a never ending cave, we were surprised by a single lemon tree... that also had limes... and cucumbers... So, we took that tree with us and only use it when a seltzer is ready to be brewed to crisp perfection.

Pina Colada


The year was 1817, and while time's were rough, that didn't stop our travels. On an expedition to Hawaii, our cargo ship hit a rogue iceberg and we became subjects to the open ocean. After 3 days we awoke on an island where we survived on revitalizing coconuts and rich pineapples. 202 years later, we traveled back to gather the perfect coconuts and pineapples to use in our seltzer. (Not to be mistaken with the origin of the Pina Colada.)

Strawberry 10% abv

While trekking through South America to find the great city of El Dorado, we found ourselves suddenly fighting for our lives. Out of the deep rainforest, a 10 ft long Wampus Cat emerged from the dark. With piercing florescent red eyes and a growl that could shake down a building, this fierce creature was a formidable foe. Letting out a roar, it prepared to charge us. Near by, a strawberry plant shook so much that all the strawberries fell to the ground. We used those strawberries as ammunition to fight off the Great Wampus and ended up leaving with something more precious than gold.... The strawberries we use to craft our seltzer.

Grapefruit 10% abv

We were about 1 mile away from conquering the 53rd and last 14ner in Colorado when we saw dark clouds rolling in from the north. Most would've turned around but we were too determined and stubborn to let some clouds detour us. As we peaked the summit, the storm hit and we were shelter-less. We looked everywhere but all we saw was a orange blur in the distance so we began walking towards it. Upon getting closer, we saw a 30ft pile of Grapefruits and began making shelter out of them. We stuck out the storm and days later returned to obtain them for our seltzer!

Lime 10% abv

Growing up, our parents told us stories of the mythical city of Sangri-La. An earthly paradise where one becomes immortal. We were warned that if we found this city, we should never go in because we could never return. With that known, we found the city and went in. For centuries, we learned the "Art of the Seltzer." But couldn't leave without battling the great army of Ro-langs. Trapped inside, we sought out the ancient one for advice. He told us of a legend of a powerful tree that would give us the power to fight this army. We found it, used it's powers and made it out. This tree happened to be full of limes and the ones we use in our seltzer!